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Mission Statement

Bethany Ministries is a spiritually diverse community of financially independent households who seek to live creatively in the tension between solitude and community. The stories of Jesus in relationship with Martha, Mary, and Lazarus of Bethany, as mirrored in the lives of Clare and Francis of Assisi, provide the inspiration for the existence and activities of Bethany Ministries.

Prayer, proclamation and hospitality are the three principle activities.


The spirituality of Bethany Ministries reflects that of Francis and Clare of Assisi, shaped by the  Gospels and reflected in the Rule for Hermitages composed by Francis. This spirituality is contemplative, relational and pilgrim.


Francis spent about a third of his time in solitary prayer. Clare founded a community of "Poor Ladies" whose primary activity was prayer. This contemplative solitude was not a means to an end, nor merely a source of strength for ministry, it was, in itself, a form of ministry for Francis as well as for Clare. The need for silence and solitude endures to our day.

The hunger for simplicity and receptivity continues to grow in people of every religious tradition and in those who have lost touch with any tradition. Francis and Clare met Jesus through their own faith experience in solitude.


Francis spent about a third of his time in ministry to the "little ones". Clare washed the feet of her sisters and made sure her convents were models of hospitality. They both modeled a contemplative relationship to all creation and to their human brothers and sisters. Francis and Clare met Jesus through the lepers and little ones of their day and through all of God's creation.


Francis spent about a third of his time on the road. Clare continued her spiritual journey towards the privilege of poverty until the day she died. They modeled the need to be physically or spiritually itinerant, never bound by possessing or being possessed by anything or anyone, always growing in spirit and truth and love.

Travel can be an icon of conversion, the need for continued spiritual growth, the call to let go of the past, to discern the future, to pack lightly, to plan simply, and to respond to God, to other human beings and to creation itself without the armor of status or wealth. Clare and Francis met Jesus on the road.


Web of Relationships

Some of those connected to the Bethany Ministries' web of relationships are:
Web of Relationships
Peter Chepaitis, OFM,
Franciscan Ministry
of the Word,
Middleburgh, NY
Anna Tantsits, IHM
Franciscan Ministry
of the Word,
Middleburgh, NY
Bob & Jean Brew,
Gansevoort, NY
Norma Shook, Hudson, NY Kim & Reggie Harris,
Middleburgh, NY
David Nidey,
Middleburgh, NY
Rev. Tilda Norberg,
Staten Island, NY
Rev. George McClain,
Staten Island, NY
Darlene Rinaldo,
Schoharie, NY
Rev. Donna Joy Schmid,
Napa, CA
Marita  & Rod Russo,  Hudson, NY Hal & Pat Oakes         Scotia, NY Angela Warbach,
Gallupville, NY
Barbara Saleh White,
Buffalo, NY
The Advisory Board
 Lynne & Bob O'Rourke, Delanson, NY Barbara Chepaitis,
Altamont, NY
David Bossman, OFM
West Orange, NJ
Rose Marie Mozzachio, IHM
Scranton, PA
Ministers of PrayerMim
  Stasia Hagan Middleburgh NY (Minister of Prayer) Bonnie Martin,
Buffalo, NY (Minister of Prayer)
Mary Piccione,Wilson, NC
 (Minister of Prayer)