At the end of each year, Peter and Anna produce a newsletter that outlines the activites of Bethany Ministries during the previous year. More recent newsletters have a special "Community News" section, and earlier ones carry special messages from members of the Bethany Ministries Community.

Each newsletter is a PDF document. You can either read it online or print it on your home printer. To access the newsletter of your choice, just click on the date and the newsletter will open in a new window on your computer screen. To return to the Bethany Ministries website, just close the newsletter.


Special Messages

The Story of 2022

Don't Let the Light go out

The Story of 2021

Gaze Upon the Lord

The Story of 2020

  When you can't do what you do, you do what you can

The Story of 2019

  Sacred all life, sacred each other, All reflect God who is good
The Story of 2018


3 At the end of the day we'll be able to say, "Love Won!"

The Story of 2017

  Love is the water that wears down the rock.

The Story of 2016

  Hope gives us the strength to live and continually try new things

Bethany Ministries in the Anthonian Franciscan 

A story with pictures about Bethany Ministries in the Anthonian Franciscan, a magazing of Holy Name Province about God's Love at Work thorugh the ministry of the Franciscan Friars
 The Story of 2015   We can change the universe by being who we are 
The 20 Year Story of Bethany Ministries 4 Bethany Ministries has been spreading the Good News of God's love, mercy and healing from 1995 until 2015.  This is our story in words & pictures
20th Anniversary Letter 2 How we arrived at the Summer of 2015
The Story of 2014 4 Stay awake, be ready!
Winter 2013   God is a surprise 
 Winter 2012 3  Going home by another way
December 2011   3 The flood of 2011 in Middleburgh
June 2011   2 2011 Mid Year Update
December 2010   3 Year in Review
2010 Mid-Year Update
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December 2009
Year in Review
December 2008
Year in Review
December 2007
Year in Review
December 2006
Community News
December 2005
Community News
December 2004
Community News
December 2003
Fall 2002
From Donna Joy Schmid on Bethany . . . Revised Mission Statement
Fall 2001
From Howard and Cheri Needham, Prescott, Arizona
Fall 2000
From Sr. Anna . . . From Celeste Wadowski honoring Rose Walker
Fall 1999
From Angela Warbach ... From Kathy Maus
Hospitality Prayer by Barbara Chepaitis
November 1998
From Sr. Anna . . . From Barbara Chepaitis . . . From Kathy Maus
February 1998
From Sr. Anna . . . From Jerry Marten . . . From Kathy Maus
July 1997
From Sr. Anna . . . From Kateri Maus
February 1996
Bethany Ministries: The First Six Months . . . From Kateri Maus
August 1995
Story of How Bethany Ministries Began