Parish Missions

The theme of a Parish Mission / Retreat led by Father Peter and Sister Anna is

"Being Church in the N O W - the PRESENT MOMENT - By living the SACRAMENTS".

The program is usually 3 days, but it can also be offered in a 4 day format.  

The themes of each of the days are:

Day 1: Living in the Embrace of God's Love (focus-Eucharist)

In the face of violence and injustice, it is indeed tempting to abandon our belief in a God of Love. We proclaim that God does indeed hold us in a loving embrace, giving us both the strength to carry on and the ability to reach out to all those in need. We are gifted and empowered by a loving God to live as a Eucharistic people.

Day 2: Forgiveness as the Path to Peace (focus-Reconciliation)

In a world that more and more seeks to resolve conflict through retaliation, punishment and violence, we proclaim a God who is merciful and always seeks to forgive. In accepting God's gift of mercy for ourselves, we are then called to be peacemakers by forgiving those who have wronged us. At the same time, we must wrestle with the truth that real peace and reconciliation cannot come about without justice.

Day 3: Healed by the Spirit & Called to Spread Good News (focus-Anointing of the Sick & Baptism)

In spite of the advances made in medicine and technology, suffering & sorrow still afflict the human heart, due to sickness, injustice, or the violence that is so rampant in today's world. We proclaim that through the death and resurrection of Jesus people of today can find healing and peace. In the "going forth" from this time of prayer, we celebrate our Baptism which calls us & empowers us to bring the Good News, the Gospel of Life, Love, & Light to the whole of creation

To obtain a printable version of both 3 & 4 day forms, click on Parish Mission.